Guitar extraordinaire Stanley Engelbrecht was born on the 24th April 1981 in Paternoster (A small fishing village on the west-coast of South-Africa). He started playing bass guitar at the age of 8years in church then he moved on to playing the guitar. Inspired by the jazz sounds of Jimmy Dludlu, Alvin Dyers and Richard Ceaser. Stanley decided to pursue a solo career as a Jazz Artist specializing as a guitarist. He’s been playing for thirteen years now professionally in major events and venues such as The Macufe Jazz Festival(Bloemfontein) , Diamonds and Dorings(Kimberley) ,Langleg festival (Kimberley) ,Writers festival(Kimberley),The Warehouse(Namibia),Mbabane(Swaziland),Regal Plaza(Dubai),Moses Mabida Stadium(Durban),Sun-City,Emperors Palace Casino(Kimberley), Windmill Casino(Bloemfontein),Naledi-Sun Casino (Thabanchu)and many more. If he is not in the studio, or playing at major festivals, or playing in casinos you would be lucky to catch him playing at various corporate functions with bands and artists such as Ground Level, Tee-Kay, Fuse, Rough-Diamands, Esmarelda Mbuli, Grace Gomolemo and many more.