My name is Adelaide Xiluba Mathebula. I was born and raised in Limpopo but grew up in Chiawelo, Soweto. My musical journey started while I was in primary school. I used to sing during assemblies. I didn’t have much exposure nor interest in the music field at that time. In high school I never did much of music rather I was involved in other activities. In 2013 I joined a certain church and became involved in the Praise and Worship as the Praise Team leader. To me it was just serving in the house of the Lord. I never took music seriously although the seed of worship was deep within. I became enlightened about the worshipper in me after I joined Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) in 2015 under Prophet Shepherd Bushiri where I currently serve as the Praise Team leader for Johannesburg Satellite Homecell. After the enlightenment the song, “God of Major One” was birthed.


Songs Preview