MAT Music production was established about seventeen (17) years ago and formally registered as a close corporation in 2005, ck 2005/17/1895/23. The Business concept evolved in response to government’s black empowerment initiatives and out of love and passion for music. This was a culmination of a childhood dream to establish a music studio, a musical educational background and a compound of professional experience in the industry of the founder, Tshilidzi Richard Matoro. He is the sole proprietor of the company and serves as its executive member of South African Recording Rights Association Ltd (SANRAL).

The company is situated in central Johannesburg at Seacom building on the first floor corner Bree & Troye Street. It represents the diversity of South African culture, a musical heritage, history and journey that is centuries old,  a learning curve and creativity in a dynamic global market and society in transformation socially, economically and politically. The principal business of the organisation is recording, publishing, marketing and advertising artists including music videos, roadshows, perfomances, distribution and graphic designs. Over the years the music studio has explored various genres of music including Jazz, Youth Poetry, Hip Hop, traditional music, choirs, Kwaito, House music and fusion thereof just to mention but a few. It has also been and will always be a home to young and upcoming artists, struggling artists and established musicians. The hallmark of MAT Music Production is a combination of professional experience (Producers & Sound Engineers), experience from older generation of musicians and talent and energy of the youth.